The idea ofPublishing a local Telephone Directory

The idea of publishing a local telephone directory was born in the basement of Carl Mueller's home on 6th Street in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Carl's sons Bob and John had decided to establish a publishing company, and Bob began to gather information in the Appleton library regarding independent telephone book publishers. After reviewing the material, Carl made contact with the publishers mentioned in Bob's report and gathered all the information needed to develop a successful business plan. The business plan looked good, but implementation was problematic because there were no Mueller family members with sales experience. Sales people were hired and began contacting local businesses in February of 1995. Six months later, the first edition of "The Marshfield Area Telephone Directory" was printed, and distribution commenced in September of 1995. $57,000 in advertising was sold for the first book, the 1995-96 directory.

Despite widespread acceptance by residents and businesses and the pool available of potential advertisers in the area surrounding Marshfield, selling the new local directory was quite difficult.

Nathan, the youngest of the seven Mueller children showed great sales potential when he decided to just "grab some contracts" and go sell advertising. He didn't wait for any training but it was apparent he didn't need any to get started. Within a few short years, Nate bought the business from his father and has since created a product that was recognized in 2012 with third place for excellence in print directories and awarded the international "Gold Book Award" by the Association of Directory Publishers. Advertising sales for the 2012/2013 edition reached a milestone by grossing $1M for the first time in company history. The company now employs a staff larger than ten.

The name of the directory was changed in 1999 to "Marshfield Yellow Pages Inc." As the popularity of the book grew and the coverage area expanded, the name was changed in 2005 to "The Local Book". Finally, beginning with the 2010/2011 directory, the "The Central Wisconsin Mueller Book" has become a household name.

What became of the original founders of the Central Wisconsin Mueller Book? John had originally contributed his computer graphic skills and capital to start the business. He acquired a master electrician license and now owns Mueller Electric ( with several employees working in Marshfield and throughout central Wisconsin. Bob contributed his time selling the book and capital to get the book started. He later graduated college as a Certified Public Accountant and finished in the top five of those taking the state exam that year. He works as a CPA for a private firm in Appleton, Wisconsin. Carl Mueller passed away in November 2015.

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601 S Central Ave, Suite 400 Marshfield, WI 54449

601 S Central Ave
Suite 400
Marshfield, WI 54449